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About  Heather

Heather Thomas Van Deren | HTV Ministries

Heather Thomas Van Deren

Heather Thomas Van Deren has loved music since she was a little girl.   She took her first piano lesson at 7 years of age, and would sing & play for anyone who would listen. 


From music recitals to talent contests, Heather loved, loved, loved all things music!  Although she was saved in her teens, it wasn’t until she was a young mother that God began calling her to step forward and sing for Him. 

Heather was with the popular ladies’ trio “Hearts to Him” for 10 years, and with the group “Rejoice” for 8 years prior.  She was also active in Prison & Jail Ministry for many years.  Now having almost 15 years behind her as a soloist, Heather is pursuing her songwriting, singing & speaking talents in new & exciting ventures.  

Her first solo CD was released in 2009.  Her 2nd project titled “My Heart, His Love” released in 2014.  Heather's fully produced, multi-award winning album, “Just in Time” (an all original project with several songs Heather has written – mostly Country Christian) followed, then her "Movin' On" CD (another award-winner!).   Heather has appeared on several TV programs, & her music is aired on radio stations across the world.  Her music covers a number of genres, but Christian Country is at the core of who she is & it shows in each release charting on radio. 


Heather is a board member of the new W-3 Women's Whole Worth Network and host of her testimony series, "What Love Means", almost 6 years in the running.  Whether speaking at ladies' events, engaging in Television shows as a host or guest, or singing at churches and Christian events, Heather gives 100% to the Lord!  Residing on a farm in Millsap, TX she & her husband raise Black Angus show cattle.  After several life-changing events, Heather has a new outlook on life.  “God is my Shelter, my Peace.  Like Gideon, I want to possess fearlessness and readiness.  It’s the least I can do for my Lord.”


Heather Thomas Van Deren Singer-Songwriter-Speaker-TV Host.

What Others Are Saying About Heather

Through many years of being in the Recording industry. one thing I have learned is an artist that will not be afraid to be different and develop their own style will be the one that has the best chance of being successful and have longevity with their craft. Audiences determine who will be successful and audiences are now telling media they are tired of the cookie cutter type songs. I give Heather great praise because she is not only willing, but is always anxious to step out of the box and be different. If I was to play a song by Heather and never looked at the cover to see who the artist was, I would know it was her. She is an original. Having your own style is what will make you a great Recording Artist. Her new release to radio "Nobody Like My Lord" is totally out of the box, but it is great and gives the ear a break from listening to the same sound over and over again. In fact, the song makes you enjoy music again. Thank you Heather for being You. ~

Tommy Smith, Canyon Creek Records

"As soon as I heard Heather's songs, I loved the clever lyrics and country style, which is not common in my country. I began to play them on my Radio show here in Brasil.  Immediately radio listeners became Heather's fans. I sent a message to Heather; she immediately answered and we have become good friends in the Lord!  This demonstrated the immense affection that Heather has for those who love her music.  Thank you, Heather, for both your talent, vocal quality, and anointing of God.  You inspire us." ~

Emerson Melo, Pastor and DJ, Radio Mongagua, Brazil


"Wow, Wow, Wow! You’re anointed, that's for sure, and the production is great!  Thank you for taking the time out to do what you do for the Kingdom. Keep on being a blessing, because you are!" ~ Eddie Bismyname - Fellow musician & prison minister,  Conviction for Christ Ministries,

Albuquerque, NM


"Love the gospel genre. Smooth voice,  Heather. Hints of Patsy, Mandisa, Amy Grant, Linda Ronstadt, Karen Carpenter. Keep it up." ~ Eric@MichiZona - Follower on Twitter


"Heather's voice is like an angel. I love working with her and know one thing for sure...she loves Christ and loves to sing." ~ Greg White, SG Studios Fort Worth, TX 


"You have such a great desire to serve, Heather.   WOW! your future is limitless.  I become overwhelmed by the POWER while listening to your songs. Christ is glorified and His gospel beautifully proclaimed from His Holy Spirit to you and then to us.  Keep it going, Heather!!! Praise God for you.  Your anointing is for real. Many lives will be changed, souls refreshed and hearts renewed through our Lord and your songs. Amazing!  God Bless You beyond measure in Jesus' name, AMEN!" ~ Daniel Green, Happy Harvest Music - Indiana



Member Of :
Texas Country Music Association

Internat'l Singer-Songwriter Assn.
Internat'l Country Gospel Music Assn.
Texoma Gospel Music Assn.
Josie Music Awards.
The Gospel Music Artists Assn.

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Heather's cover of "What Love Really Means" rated in top 100  by Southern Gospel News Scoops Digital 


"Heather, thank you for your beautiful voice!  You are singing from your heart; not just singing. There is a great difference!  Your voice is special and you must always use it for the Lord.  What I love is that I can understand your every word. Your songs are of grace and beauty, full of the glory of God.  Your voice flows nicely from one octave to another, gently, like a river of God.  I want the very best for you, for I just know you can go far.  You will go to the top, dear Heather!  I pray you sing your very heart out for our Lord for the rest of your life!" ~ Rusty Hankins, Missouri Fan (RIP, Rusty.  Love you.)


"Heather Van Deren is a gifted and special lady. I've known her for many, many years and over those years I've been blessed by her talent, her generosity and her sweet spirit in the Lord. Her heart is all about the love of Jesus, and that comes bubbling over whenever she begins to sing or lets her smile loose. Her music is her ministry as she pours herself into those she is ministering to.  She’s always ready to be a friend. It is my distinct pleasure to know her and call her my friend."
~ Rex Lake - CEO Lake Sound, Inc.

"In Proverbs 31:18 it reads, "her lamp does not go out by night."  This Verse best describes Heather Thomas Van Deren to me; for I have seen her life during times of adversity, and heard her words.  I can say, her witness has remained steady, and in the Light.  Her lamp doesn't go out when difficulties come.  I have talked to Heather on the phone when she was disheartened; at other times, betrayed; stressed about day to day things we all would be concerned about, and I can say, Heather's Light did not go out, but she has remained a good witness of the One true Light (Jesus) Who abides in her.  This is the characteristic that sticks out mostly about her in my mind.  Heather lives for the One she sings about.... no doubt." ~ Dawn Gwin - Author, Songwriter, Palestine, Texas


More About Heather

HTV Praising at Hubbard

Music has a language of its own.  It’s at the heart of worship.  It possesses the uncanny ability to prepare our hearts before a church sermon or reach into the depths of our soul when we are alone with God.  He can speak through His musicians and writers to impart a biblical principle that you’ll never forget.  Try spending some time in His Word & see all the references to music.  It’s amazing!  God created us to enjoy music! Whether my songs are my own creation or written by another songwriter, I want you to know I truly believe there is a message inside that song waiting just for you.  This is why I sing:  to lift up the Lord, & to be His vessel to meet you in your present need.

Heather Thomas Van Deren Singer-Songwriter-Speaker-TV Host.

God has given me the “gift of gab”, that’s for sure. I learned as a young adult teaching childrens’ Sunday School, that I had the gift.  I learned when acting in church dramas & plays I had the gift.  And after 10 years of singing in the ladies’ trio “Hearts to Him”, where we ministered to ladies & church groups alike, God showed me that yes, He had a plan for using that gift to make people laugh, lift people up, & point them toward Jesus.  Just by being me & getting in His Word!  It’s been said I remind people of Christian speaker Beth Moore.  I don’t know how true that really is, but I DO know He has called me to “go where He sends me” & speak the things of God that are on my heart.

Heather Thomas Van Deren Singer-Songwriter-Speaker-TV Host.



“Ministry” to me means anything you do for the cause of Christ. I love ministering for Him. Leading worship, singing in concert, speaking at churches and other events. My "What Love Means" testimony series has been a great passion of mine over the last 5 years - funny how God brings an assignment to you simply by your following His lead and being willing.  I have had the pleasure of seeing many come to Christ through 10 years of past prison ministry as well.  My logo was designed by a prison inmate many years ago.  It's special to me.  Let’s pray and see how God might use you and me together in your church or organization!

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