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Continuing with the recognizable style Heather has become known for, you'll love this new collection of songs!

Check out Heather's 5-song EP simply  titled, "Christmas"!

Any time of the year is a good time for Christmas music!   

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"Christmas" EP

Order Heather's Award-winning CD, titled "Just In Time".  It's a fun collection of music styles, from Christian Country to Jazz!  

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"My Heart, His Love" is a collection of songs that not only speak to the ears but speak to the soul. Heather put this collection together to lift the spirit and honor Jesus Christ. The album takes you on a journey from contemporary to southern gospel. 


"I love the vocal work on these songs.  They really fit together well.  A good selection.  The "leader of the pack" is ... She Loved.  It is an excellent marriage of vocal, lyrics, emotion, composition, arrangement and performance.  I like Heather’s solo style.  Bottom line ... it will be music I'll listen to alot." ~ Rex Lake, CEO of Got Life Ministries; President of Lake Sound, Keller, TX


Heather, your music is an inspiration!!! Your voice is amazing! I am really enjoying your new CD!  It is awesome!  Come on fans & order Heather’s new CD!  You will love it!!! God bless you... ~ Brenda Trayler, Mineral Wells, TX

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