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All Warrior Talk shows can be viewed on YouTube, Rumble, Roku, Truth Social, Facebook and now proudly announcing our broadcast on Faithful Stream through TakenTV and Lightcast!  Click here for this latest platform:

Heather Thomas Van Deren Singer-Songwriter-LP

Brant and Heather invite you to host a "Women Warrior/Men of Valor Conference" at your church or Christian event!

Warrior Talk is a ministry born through 60 years of combined experience, dedication and passion for the Lord's work in these troubled times.  Heather and Brant seek to inspire and empower other believers, equipping them with the tools they need to take up the armor spoken of in Ephesians 6:10-18.  Each conference is custom tailored to the needs of your body of believers.  Our events combine worship through music (Heather and Brant are both award-winning and anointed music artists), humor, visual lessons and teaching via life lessons, but most importantly, backed by the Word of God and the Holy Scriptures.
We encourage you to pray about how God might use us at your upcoming or planned event!  For more infomation, feel free to contact us here through the website, or call 870-582-5267.  Looking forward to it! 

E-mail us for more info!

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