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SLOW DOWN! I recently had a preacher friend give me those two words of advice. Not to mean "Quit your work for the Lord, or all the necessary things that need attention in your life." Rather, "SLOW DOWN! Stay in tune with the Father, His purpose for you, and the provision and guidance He is giving you daily." Wise words, indeed. Today my devotional was Acts 12, verses 1 thru 11, on the killing of James, the brother of John, and then the imprisonment of Peter. In my own quirky sort of way, I connected it to the statement of my preacher friend. Realizing the importance of our work for the Lord, there are those that have, and maybe even some of us that will be required to lose our life for the Gospel. Yes, that is a possibility, even here in America. On the flip side of Acts Chapter 12, we read that Peter was rescued from certain death by Angels, because on his behalf "the church was earnestly praying for him." God still grants miracles such as this today. Sometimes we have to slow down, because we are limited in our human bodies, need rest, restoration and renewal from God. This is when we spend time in prayer. This is our time to "slow down" - to "Be still and know He is God." (Ps. 46:10) I'm sure that's exactly what Peter was doing during his time in prison - praying. waiting. hoping. believing. If you are worn out today, SLOW DOWN! Don't stop, just tread softly so you can hear His voice again and get back on track. How do I know this remedy works? Because time and time again I hear the phrase "SLOW DOWN", and know it's for me. I love you all. Be blessed to be a blessing. Take care of yourself. Pray for others. This world needs you and you have purpose!

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