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Mama, Biscuits and Jesus

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

In my opinion, there’s a few things we need to think on in the New Year. Like mama, and biscuits. And Jesus.

Wait….. you say, “What do mama, biscuits and Jesus have in common? Well…. everything, really.

I may not have grown up exclusively “in the country” as a child, but I had enough “country” in me to know that was the best life to live. My daddy grew up “in the country”, my mama grew up in what she called “the good old days”, and my frequent visits to Granddaddy and Grandmother’s place gave me the taste of living “the good life”.

We lived on the outskirts of town, so I had the privilege of owning lots of animals, even a horse. During the summer I’d run barefoot from sunrise to dusk, until mama called me home at dinnertime with the clanging of an old iron bell hung in the back yard. Mama and daddy loved to entertain. The neighbors were often at our house. Barbecues, homemade ice cream churns, venison jerky that took days in the oven…… catching fireflies and puttin’ them in jars while the adults visited…. these were common occurrences in my memory’s eye.

But mama and her biscuits…. Yummm! And the sausage cream gravy to go with them! That is one of my favorite memories of all. I always noticed that mama never took the last biscuit. Never. It didn’t really dawn on me why she did that until years later, when I too, became a mama. Just like my own mom, I would always say, “You want this last biscuit?” Everyone would usually say, “You don’t want it?” And my loving reply was always, “No, that’s OK. You take it.” Even though I sometimes wanted it. But I had learned that’s just what mamas do.

Lordy, I miss my mama.

My mom was living out what her country livin’ and love for the Lord had instilled in her. Jesus made it perfectly clear how valuable the gift of service was when He said, “Anyone who wants to be first must be the very last, and the servant of all." (Mark 9:35)

You want the Lord’s will for your life in this New Year, and to be blessed? Then seek to be the very last, and the servant of all in everything you do. Focus on the good things. Look to see where God is working and join Him there. Be Jesus with skin on. Like mama was. There’s plenty of mean stuff goin’ on in this world, but the sunrise is still beautiful and the rain is soothing. And the biscuits are good.

If mama were here today I’d thank her again for all those last biscuits. And the country lovin’ she bestowed upon all of us. And how she taught us about Jesus.

So…… pass the biscuits, please. Mama & Jesus made ‘em just for you! Have some sausage cream gravy! And oh, by the way….. Happy New Year.

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