• Heather Thomas Van Deren

Wise Words (written by my husband Bill)

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

When I was a young boy, my father had two axioms he lived by religiously. He followed those two axioms until the day he was called to meet the Lord. Those two axioms were -- "BE WILLING TO ACCEPT THE CONSEQUENCES FOR THE DECISIONS YOU MAKE" and "CONSTANTLY BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS". As a young boy and not wise to the ways of the world, I thought (as most boys my age did) that my dad was nuts and he didn't know what he was talking about. As I grew older I found myself in different kinds of trouble with school officials and local law enforcement agencies. But being as hard-headed as I was, I didn't realize I had brought a lot of my problems and troubles upon myself, due to my own actions, decisions and people with whom I chose to associate and surround myself. When I was getting ready to go into military service, I noticed my dad's Holy Bible next to his pillow on his bed. For some unknown reason, I picked up his Holy Bible and began flipping through the pages. As I was flipping through it, a laminated card used as a bookmark fell to the floor. I picked it up and read the handwritten words, "BE WILLING TO ACCEPT THE CONSEQUENCES FOR THE DECISIONS YOU MAKE" and "CONSTANTLY BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS". It was right then I realized what my dad had been trying to convey to me all along. I wished I had paid more attention to what my dad was saying to me, i.e., (1) whatever decisions I made in life, I needed to be willing to accept the consequences for those decisions, and (2) constantly be aware of my surroundings, i.e., be aware of the people with whom I decide to associate and surround myself. It took those two hand-written phrases on that bookmark of my dad's Holy Bible for me to realize I had wasted a lot of time in my life by not getting to know the Lord.

Thank You, Lord, for not giving up on me!

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