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To Know That You Know

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

God has laid this on my heart to share with you. I sincerely hope you will take time to read it. Many say the "End Times" are coming; I believe they are HERE, & we are living in a day where "tomorrow may never come". While I am not writing this to spark a debate about end times, I AM writing to everyone within my sphere of influence, hoping you will ask yourself this very important question: Do I "know that I know"? Can I be certain (with no doubt whatsoever) that I am saved, a child of God? If I die today will I go to heaven... or hell?

There is no "in-between" heaven & hell. We will either "know that we know" Jesus Christ as our personal Savior, or we will perish in a real place called hell - the place God made for the devil & his demons. Hell was not designed for you or me, but we have been given a choice of where we will spend eternity. Although our bodies will die, our souls live forever... SOMEWHERE. Jesus spoke about hell often. It was important to Jesus that we "know" about hell. Hell is real.

Here is my personal testimony about "knowing that I know" where I will be spending eternity after I leave this earth. I became a Christian in my early teens. Many years later, after I had gotten married, Satan began placing doubts in my mind. I was flooded with thoughts like "Who are you kidding? - you're not saved... you're going to hell - you're nothing special - Jesus doesn't even know you. You can't even remember the date you were saved." I was attending church & living the best life I knew how to live as a Christian. (I was NOT perfect!) I realized I couldn't put my finger on a date where I had asked Jesus to be my Savior. I didn't have a date!! I needed a date!! Maybe I WASN'T saved after all! So I prayed that night & "gave the devil a date". Guess what? I don't remember the date! You see, it really wasn't ME that needed a date, it was Satan that needed a date! I still believe I was truly saved years before, but now I "know that I know"! Satan's trick back-fired on him & he can never try to take that peace from me again.

So whether you need a date (a time & place where you can go back & remember your decision to follow Christ), or whether you need to give Satan one so he'll quit tormenting you, please make sure "you know that you know". Get it settled. Permanently. Your eternal destiny depends on it. This is serious stuff, folks. Your decision to either love Christ or reject Him (thereby accepting Satan's plan to destroy you) is the most important decision you will ever make.

In the Bible, the book of 1 John mentions the phrase "so that you may know" 26 times! There is a way that "you can know", & it's as easy as A-B-C: Admit you're a sinner & need Jesus to save you from hell. Sin cannot exist in heaven with a sinless God. Only Jesus lived a perfect & sinless life here on earth. Believe what the scriptures say are true: Jesus is the Son of God, sent to die for your sins on that cross, that He rose to life again so you might live forever in heaven & be forgiven. Confess Jesus as your Savior to others, proving you are not ashamed of this wonderful decision you have made, nor ashamed of Jesus himself. If you have done these things, and you meant it, you can say that you "know that you know" your eternal destiny. Now say a prayer of thanksgiving to Jesus for saving you, & start "living out loud" for Him! Pass this article on & help someone else! Do it for Jesus! Do it for someone you love!

God bless you all,

Heather Thomas Van Deren

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