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Sermon from the Stars

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

Have you ever looked up into the heavens on a clear night? It’s an awesome sight, isn’t it? The vastness of our universe is so staggering, it’s impossible for our feeble minds to comprehend it all. Our sun is SO large that if it were hollow, it could hold more than 1 million earths! There are about 100 billion stars in the average galaxy! And scientists estimate there are at least 100 million universes out there! As a matter of fact, a new “planetoid” was discovered some time ago, which is smaller than Pluto and three times farther away! We can only imagine how far God’s creation actually extends!

Scientists are able to track the movement of the stars and planets to determine where they will be years from now. They know the time the sun will rise and set for years into the future. How can they do that? Simple – because the heavens operate by God’s plan!

As I view the universe from my vantage point, it’s hard for me to understand how anyone can deny the existence of God. As I look into the sky, I am taught that my God is real, powerful and great! I also can’t help but learn that God is the God of order and design. He isn’t haphazard. He doesn’t just throw things together for no reason. He has a plan.

In the Bible, Judges 5:20 states that the stars have their courses. The planets have their orbits. What would happen if the planets left their orbits and the stars decided to quit following their courses? There would be total confusion, chaos, and eventually, destruction. The same thing happens to the Christian who leaves his or her “orbit” (so to speak). If we get out of God’s will, we will be hurt. Damage will be done. Some of you this moment are straying from God’s plan. You’re becoming negligent, unconcerned, cold and indifferent. Listen to the sermon from the stars! Listen to the message of the heavens! God has a design for you and He requires you to be obedient to His plan.

The beauty of the heavens declares the purpose of God. God wants to give beauty to our lives, just as He has given beauty to the heavens! His plan is written indelibly in ink, in His Word, the Holy Bible! I don’t know God’s plan for your life personally, but I do know some things He wills for us all: Be saved (if you are not already one of His); show that commitment by being baptized; attend church! Read His Word daily! Serve Him faithfully! Pray, pray, pray!

You be the judge… take spiritual inventory of your life. Are you being obedient to God’s plan for you? God is greater than the devil, greater than any problems you may have, greater than our circumstances… THAT’S what the heavens are declaring! Take heed! Listen to the sermon from the stars!

“The heavens are telling of the glory of God; and their expanse is declaring the work of His hands.” Psalm 19:1

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